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Model  SBM1290-SBM1303.jpg

Model : SBM1290-SBM1303

Part NoFT*ΦH
SBM1290 1/8"*6MM
SBM1291 1/8"*8MM
SBM1292 1/8"10MM
SBM1293 1/4"*6MM
SBM1294 1/4"*8MM
SBM1295 1/4"*10MM
SBM1296 1/4"*12MM
SBM1297 .3/8"*6MM
SBM1298 3/8"8MM
SBM1299 3/8"10MM
SBM1300 3/8"12MM
SBM1301 1/2"8MM
SBM1302 1/2"10MM
SBM1303 1/2"12MM

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